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The Marvels – Episode 145

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The Marvels - Episode 145

Caution: Entering Spoiler Territory! Marvelous Creative Genius Bryan Caron and Professor Avatar Tom Grimes don’t switch places, but they do have plenty of thoughts on The Marvels, the newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After, time slip into discussions on the season finale of Loki, new episodes of Frasier…, and some non-spoiler thoughts on the Meg Ryan-directed What Happens Later, The Caine Mutiny Court Marshal, and Priscilla. So what say you? Was The Marvels a marvel to behold or did one of those little kittens swallow all the character and story developments needed to allow the film to sing? Also, what moniker thrown out during the film should Captain Monica Rambeau adopt?

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