Jaxxa Rakala: The Search

Legend recalls that Jaxxa Rakala was once the most powerful being in the universe. To prevent her from taking control of all star systems, a gem, carved to precision with her blood, was gifted to her, neutralizing her powers and subsequently leading to her capture. Before Jaxxa Rakala was executed, she expelled her spirit into the gem, making it incredibly desirable but impossible for anyone other than the one with her blood to acquire it.
Little did Ken Brody know how much the Jaxxa Rakala legend would affect him when he began a project he hoped would ultimately lead him back to his wife, who was abducted five years ago. His recurring nightmare of this event overwhelms his every instinct and eventually compels him to ignore the concerns of everyone around him and begin testing his new spacecraft’s light-speed capabilities.
When the tests go awry, Ken, his partner on the project, and both of his estranged daughters find themselves on a collision course with a star, setting the stage for a quest that will give them all a chance to find great power within themselves.
“The Search,” the first book in the four-part Jaxxa Rakala saga, is just the beginning of a riveting space adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat and breathlessly wanting more.

What are readers saying?

Jaxxa Rakala is the second book of Bryan Caron’s that I’ve read and once again he doesn’t disappoint.

Jaxxa Rakala is a scifi tale following Ken Brody, a man who lost his wife Stacey to an alien abduction and is left to raise his two daughters alone. Ken is consumed with finding her and works diligently on a secret project to do just that.

His daughters Jacquline and Tracey grow increasingly distant from their absent father creating a tension felt throughout much of the book. Jacquline is a typical moody teenager angry with her father while Tracey is much younger and realizes she’s more than a normal girl.

Ken himself is a man you both love and hate, a trait Bryan Caron does well in this and “Year of the Songbird,” the other book if his I’ve read. He has a knack for making the hero human, including all their flaws. He doesn’t make his protagonists vanilla “good-guys,” but makes sure we understand they have warts. It’s because of those warts we can relate to the characters so much better.

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Unable to accept that his wife Stacey may be dead after she was abducted by aliens five years ago, Dr. Ken Brody focuses on a project that “…gave him hope that someday he would see her again, and that was enough for him, despite its ultimate cost—seclusion.” With Lark, his 36-year old friend and partner in the project for four years, they build a spaceship to travel at the speed of light.

Relentless in his focus to find Stacey and to fix his broken family, Ken neglected his daughters -a rebellious older daughter Jacquline “Jacks” and a reserved 8-year old Tracey “Squint” -leaving them to bond more deeply with each other.

But left to their own devices each gets into trouble. Jacquline, with the help of Harlet and Jay, break into homes and gets arrested. Tracey, cruelly taunted by a group of ten kids at school, fights back and gets into trouble.

As Ken and Lark Steines rushes to the spaceship and takes off to search for Stacey, the two girls were onboard as stowaways. In their journey they encounter troubles and near death before being rescued on board the Equinox. The cast of characters on that ship include Qah-Shekel, who finds the crystal he was assigned to retrieve, the gem of Jaxxa Rakala…the key to all powers in the universe, for a smuggler that lives on Hasten-Jackai, a trading post; Kahli, the android “Rega”; DovenJadden, the cat and the tactical technician, Sentilla, the pilot, and Massanah and Naja-Leku who later died in the battle.

In the fight for the gem of Jaxxa Rakalaa, in Xyneris, the second moon of Gerinhale to retrieve the gem and the child of the one with the blood of Jaxxa Rakala, the one who bears the mark, they battle with the Eyrixano and the alien vermons.

Bryan Caron spins a thrilling tale with action and suspense that’ll have you holding on and turning the pages in this sci-fi adventure.

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Couldn’t put the book down-I had to see what would happen during each part. The author jumps POVs well and it only adds to the story. Can’t wait to read the next one!

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This was a really great. Read. Lots of excitement and action. Good story of family finding each other and how important that relationship truly is. Can’t wait for the adventure to continue in the new book next summer.

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“it is only when you can control the ego that you will find peace within yourself….”
Well said Bryon!
Can’t wait for Book 2
If you like this one Readers, try Year Of The Songbird

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