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Oppenheimer – Episode 129

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Oppenheimer - Episode 129

Caution: Entering Spoiler Territory! Hold onto your hats in this extended episode as Creative Genius Bryan Caron and Professor Avatar Tom Grimes blow your minds with their discussion of Christopher Nolan’s new film, Oppenheimer. If you survive, head into a very serious discussion of Sound of Freedom and the real world ramifications of the subject matter. If that isn’t enough, the boys spend even more time spilling their thoughts on the premiere of Justified: City Primeval, new episodes of Secret Invasion, FUBAR and The Bear, not to mention NBC and CBSs plans for their revamped, strike-induced fall schedules in this extended episode! So what say you? Did this Oppenheimer biopic send you into a thoughtful frenzy, or was the three-hour opus drag on just a little too long. Also, what was your favorite star-studded cameo?

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