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Inspired Chaos  is rooted in the art of stream-of-consciousness. As our minds flow with a constant stream of thoughts, ideas, viewpoints, philosophies, data and dreams, we all seek to settle into a world of comfort, a world we can relate to; in most cases, this boils down to a bevy of entertainment choices absorbed through movies, music, TV, radio, books, poems, internet, podcasts and mindless personalities on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, all of which coincidentally create our personalized personalities that senselessly bridge the gap between the chaos of our minds and the chaos of the world that strangles us with rules, regulations and the ball and chain of perfection, all leading Inspired Chaos choosing to embrace the madness to discuss entertainment and the arts without a filter, script or a plan in general.

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Ramblin' Reviews

SPOILER WARNING!! Creative Genius Bryan Caron and web Guru Tom Grimes take a deep dive into the new season of Cobra Kai, now streaming on Netflix.

Creative Genius Bryan Caron and web guru Tom Grimes take a look back at 2020 and give our thoughts on the best and worst that Hollywood had to offer in a year that saw movie theaters shut down for half the year and streaming services rise up as the go-to place for entertainment. With about 75 movies between, them, what films filled us with hope and excitement, and which films left us with a bad taste in our mouths (or put us to sleep)? Find out in the first episode of Ramblin' Reviews!

Mind Your Business

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